Due to safety issues, extractions are not done long distance.

Pryanta bullet What does Pryanta mean by extractions?
Pryanta bullet Where does this energy come from?
Pryanta bullet What is the difference between an entity, demon and disembodied spirit?
Pryanta bullet Are there specific types of entities?
Pryanta bullet How do these beings get attached to someone?
Pryanta bullet Can an entity or demon really control a person and make them do things?
Pryanta bullet How can I recognize an attachment?
Pryanta bullet How does Pryanta work with entities, demons, etc.?
Pryanta bullet What can a client expect after an entity or demon is extracted?
Pryanta bullet What about curses?
Pryanta bullet Why does Pryanta work with extractions this way?

Pryanta bullet What Does Pryanta Mean By Extractions?
An extraction is the removal of an external, invasive or "dark" energy. Extractions have also been referred to as: releasing spirit attachments, exorcism, possession/depossession or releasing entity attachments. There is a great deal of misinformation about this process. Many images and/or belief systems concerning this energetic invasion come from a dualistic perspective. It is a commonly held belief that "dark" and "light" energies are opposite and entirely separate from each other. Energy that is labeled as "dark" has been the subject of much fear and judgment. It is generally thought that this "darker" energy originates from something outside of ourselves. It is easy to see how this belief would arise. This is a dualistic world.

Pryanta bullet Where Does This Energy Come From?
Everything on this planet is a result of creation. Human beings are individuations of Source or God that were given the ability to create. The human experience, both individually and collectively, requires that people create a system of meaning. By doing so they define themselves and how they want to live.
Every human being has a shadow side. So does human consciousness. The shadow side holds parts of ourselves that can be difficult to look at and are frequently ignored. When people choose not to recognize their wounding and take responsibility for the shadow they don't allow themselves to be truly who they are. The energy required to maintain this state of denial feeds the shadow side. When this is done often enough or repeated over lifetimes, the shadow strengthens until it dominates. If a person dies in this state he/she may choose to remain disincarnated as a pure manifestation of the wounding. Over a long period of time these disembodied beings can evolve into entities or demons.
As individuals develop belief systems so do groups such as; organizations, religions, countries or regions. These belief systems can include racial prejudice, fear of terrorists, fear of the devil and mistrust of people who make different choices, to name a few. The amount of energy channeled into these belief systems can be enormous. These beliefs are frequently anchored in judgment, blame or fear and handed down. Through the course of generations these beliefs or thought forms acquire enough substance to exist as independent entities.

Pryanta bullet What's The Difference Between An Entity, Demon And Disembodied Spirit?
Entity: A being that is non-physical and created by human consciousness. They are a manifestation of the shadow side of human consciousness and are issue specific. Entities have a definite, individual existence and a limited consciousness. Usually entities attach to a person or person's energy field. Entities feed off of the issue that created them and act on impulse.
Demon: Another type of entity, that is again a manifestation of the shadow side of human experience. Demons are older, more experienced and predatory. They may have very specific abilities and are capable of rational thought. Demons are not issue specific. They can exist on the physical plane independently of a human host. However, in order to secure their presence on this plane, an individual or a group must support them. Demons have the ability to merge with human beings if the human being is agreeable.
Disembodied Spirit: Disembodied spirits are people who have died and not found a way to move on. Some of these spirits are simply confused or unaware that they are dead. Others linger out of concern for loved ones, the desire to pass on a message or complete unfinished business. In both cases, these souls are looking for assistance and gravitate to those who can sense them. There are souls who are fixed or stuck who get caught in the duality experienced by their personalities. Feelings of anger, resentment, greed, the desire for revenge and attachment to power or possessions can also prevent a soul from moving on. Dying in an unexpected or traumatic way can also inhibit a soul's ability to move on.

Pryanta bullet Are there specific types of entities?
Most entities are issue specific; so they're attracted to a particular type of wounding. Addiction entities are probably the most common example. Thought form entities are another specific type of entity. A thought form entity is a non-physical being. Like other entities, they are a manifestation of the shadow side of human consciousness. Unlike other types of entities, thought form entities are thought rather than issue specific. Individual human beings tend to develop thought patterns around their wounding. Because human beings share the same core issues, people throughout history have repeatedly created the same thought patterns. Examples of this are: "I'm not good enough", "I'm unworthy", and "I'm unlovable".
Thought is a creative force. Over millions of years, the creative energy of these repetitive thoughts gained strength and form. Like other types of entities, thought form entities have a definite, individual existence and a limited consciousness. They are attracted to the same repetitive thoughts that created them. Ongoing Earth shifts contribute to the rise and emergence of these entities.

Pryanta bullet How do these beings get attached to someone?
Entities, demons and disembodied spirits can become attracted to a person for a number of different reasons. Entities and demons are attracted to wounding that will meet their needs. For example, addiction entities are attracted to the wounding and process of addiction. When a person engages in an addiction it is a means of escape that involves surrendering personal power and fear of engagement with what is. The surrender of personal power, living in fear and denial creates energetic openings in a person.
The process can be similar with demons. However, there are some differences. Demons are more intelligent than entities. They are capable of enticing a person into allowing them in. This is rarely done directly. By shape shifting or working through others they can disguise themselves and their true intentions. Demons have the ability to perceive a person's ego driven desires and offer a means to fulfill them. The fulfillment involves making an agreement that allows the demon access to the person. An agreement may also have been made in a parallel life that allows a demon access to a person in their current life time. Agreements do not necessarily terminate upon death. Demons may also make agreements that give them access to entire family lineages; so the demon and the agreement get passed down from generation to generation.
Entities and demons see energetic openings as an invitation to attach. Openings are created by fear that is not addressed, consistently giving power away and not working on personal wounding. These openings are created over a period of time by long standing patterns of denial.
Some disembodied spirits are tied to a person with whom they have unfinished business. Others are anchored to a place which holds unresolved issues or traumatic experiences. As previously mentioned, they can simply be lost and gravitate to people who can sense them. In any case, the intention of these beings differs from that of entities and demons.

Pryanta bullet Can an entity or demon really control a person and make them do things?
Entities and demons are attracted to people with wounding that will meet their needs. This means that person already has a tendency toward behavior or is already engaging in behavior that the entity or demon finds attractive. For the most part, entities and demons only exploit behaviors, fears, and wounding that a person already has. Entities and demons can magnify fears, amplify obsessive thought patterns, aggravate unresolved wounding, and exploit unacknowledged parts of a person's shadow side. They cannot force a person to do something he/she was not already open to doing, on a conscious or unconscious level.
If a person is pushed to the point of desperation, he/she can chose to give up or surrender his/her will to the demon or entity. When this occurs, the demon or entity is in control of the person and can prod him/her into behaving in ways that may look like he/she is being controlled. A person contending with this may experience these periods of time as blackouts, where he/she does things he/she doesn't remember later. However, this is not the result of a demon or entity forcing their will onto a person. It is the result of the person choosing to surrender control to the demon or entity.
It generally takes a demon or entity years to push a person into surrendering to them. However, if a person is extremely disconnected from his/her shadow side, is "mentally ill", or adamantly refuses to work on his/her wounding, it's easier for a demon or entity to push that person to the point of desperation.

Pryanta bullet How can I recognize an attachment?
This is a tricky question. There is no single foolproof way to identify a person who has been energetically invaded. The issue has been further confused by the way that possession is depicted in Hollywood movies. Unlike movie presentations, there are rarely any blatantly obvious signs of energetic invasion that can not also be attributed to other sources. Additionally, entities and demons can be attached to someone without being present all the time. In most cases a person who has been invaded is aware, on some level, of a consistent or periodic unwanted presence. The awareness can be experienced physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically.
There are possible symptoms that can indicate energetic invasion. However, a person's history, self-perception, circumstances and physical condition must be taken into account. Again, these symptoms can also be attributed to other causes. Possible symptoms include:
Pryanta bullet Changes in behavior; overreacting to situations, resurgence of destructive patterns, etc.
Pryanta bullet Abrupt or drastic emotional changes; increased aggression, anger, depression, resentment and fear
Pryanta bullet Increase in fear based thought patterns; obsessing over old experiences, increased thoughts of getting even, sense of being persecuted, increased sense of isolation, feeling superior to others, urges to hurt others or self
Pryanta bullet Unexplained and frequently inconsistent physical symptoms without apparent cause
Pryanta bullet Feeling periodically "taken over" by something
Pryanta bullet Sudden lack of impulse control
Pryanta bullet A feeling of being attacked by others
Pryanta bullet Violent dreams and/or daydreams, including those centered around being chased by something
Pryanta bullet Hearing voices
Pryanta bullet Seeing "dark" shapes or feeling a "dark" presence
Any one of these symptoms alone is not enough to definitively indicate that a person has been invaded. A person can experience many of these things when working with their own shadow side. If someone is unfamiliar with their own shadow or has tremendous fear of that part of themselves, it can feel like an external invasive energy.

Pryanta bullet How does Pryanta work with entities, demons, etc.?
Once a field reading is done and it is determined that a person has an entity or demon attached to them an extraction plan is created. Many times research is required to determine the nature of the entity or demon. This may be done by consulting the Akashic records, checking family lineages or information from parallel life cords. If an agreement is found the specifics also need to be researched. Safety is paramount for both the client and the healers during an extraction. It is vital to know the abilities and strengths of the entity or demon in question. Every effort is made to minimize any risk for all involved.
After a plan is created it is discussed with the client and agreed upon. Before proceeding the clients responsibility for their own continued healing process is also discussed. Unless a client commits to changing old patterns the original opening that permitted the invasion will be used by something else.
The extraction is done in a clients first session. Pamela creates a grid around Raven to contain the entity or demon. Both Pamela and Raven then force the entity or demon out of the clients body or energy field and into the container. At that point any missing pieces of the client that the entity or demon has taken are retrieved. Raven then re-births the energy. The process is then repeated if there is more then one entity or demon. If an agreement exists it also has to be broken at this time. For safety reasons, this process can not be done long distance.
Entities and demons frequently leave debris and/or energetic anchors. After extraction any necessary clean-up work is done. Once a client is cleared of an entity and/or demon and their associated energy any missing pieces are returned. When this is complete other energetic issues can be addressed.

Pryanta bullet What about curses?
Curses may or may not be apart of an entity or demons presence. A curse can be created to send an entity or demon after a person. Even in this case, the energy cannot invade if the person does not have openings. If the presence of a entity or demon is associated with a curse the curse is destroyed at the time of the extraction.
Curses can be used with no correlation to an entity or demon. In this case extensive research is done on the nature and origin of the curse. This is then incorporated into a clients healing plan.

Pryanta bullet Why does Pryanta work with extractions this way?
There are many healers that send an entity or demon to " the light" as a way of removing the energy from their clients. THIS DOES NOT WORK! Viewing "the light" as the opposite of an entity or demon is a dualistic perspective. All energy originally comes from unity and was created by the same Source. Pryanta Healers see entities/demons as wounded beings who have gone deeply into separation. These beings have repeatedly acted out the same patterns until they see nothing else. This is an extreme example of fixed energy. In this case the being itself becomes stuck. When an entity/demon is this stuck and invades a person, the only way to release it and the person is to re-birth the energy. This returns the entity/demon to a more fluid state. Both the entity/demon and the client then have an opportunity to make different choices.
Entities and demons have a very strong survival instinct. They will not willingly go to "the light". Entities when shown "the light" will flee only to return when it is safe. Demons are capable of deception and can appear to leave. Sometimes they have simply changed form, hidden themselves or temporarily retreated. In either case the entity or demon will return within a few minutes, hours, days or weeks.
There are other methods of forcing an entity or demon out of a person's body and preventing its return. However, that leaves the entity/demon displaced, angry and looking for another host. Since entities and demons are the creation of human consciousness it is important to be responsible to the bigger picture. It is not enough to extract an entity/demon from a client and abandon it to attach to someone else.